with a hint of mysteriousity.

Rachael, 19. Studying to be a chemist. I take pictures. I also draw them, but they aren't very good. Sometimes I crochet things. I like fresh air and when its windy I want to fly. I like doctor who, sherlock, hannibal, tom hiddleston, captain america's butt, avengers, harry potter, starkid, pokemon, adventure time, bravest warriors, charlie mcdonnell, photography, science, anime, crocheting, medical things, vintage clothes and cameras, floral prints, really bad puns, finding faces in things, murder mysteries, science fiction, flowy dresses, the sounds of the wind through the trees, origami, and songs that tell stories. I'm a mix of scientist and artist. I'm known to break into song, and make really, really bad jokes. I'm a bisexual atheist and I'm proud to be who I am. The better half of my cutie pie.
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